MacBook Air 13" (2020) Print Custom Signature Marble TURQUOISE Skin Wrap Decal by EasySkinz - Design 2


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  • Queen's Award Winner
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  • XactFIT™ technology
QSKINZ™, the world's only award-winning skin maker, offers the widest selection of skins for your devices - smartphones, tablets, game consoles, laptops and more. Open the "Description" tab below to read all relevant details.

-Brand new, manufactured to perfection just for you

-For MacBook AIR 13" (2020)

-Intel & M1 compatible

-Clean design, easy to put on and to remove without any sticky marks

-Easy step-by-step video instructions for flawless application with every skin

-Ultimate Air Release technology for Bubble-Free application

-Superior scratch protection

-QSKINZ™ is a proud WINNER of the 2019 Queen's Award for Enterprise

-Made and designed by QSKINZ in Great Britain

Our designers developed a precise and innovative skin that protects your MacBook in a way that suits your own character for an enhanced personal expression. QSKINZ are designed to follow the lines of the MacBook AIR for a more natural, purely flawless finish that looks painted on. At the same time it keeps it well protected.

We're very proud of our precise workmanship, the unbeatable fit, attention to details and the all-around 360-degree protection. The very highest levels of quality is what we aim to achieve while producing every single skin especially for you. QSKINZ are not just to protect, they are built to delight your senses. An innovative solution for everyone who wants to keep MacBook's original shape and size, without the unnecessary bulk.

We pride ourselves on offering the widest colour and texture ranges on the market. QSKINZ is a brand you can trust - proud WINNER of the most prestigious business accolade - the Queen's Award for Enterprise.

What's included?

1x Skin for MacBook Air 13" (2020) - Top, Bottom, Inside, Trackpad

(The pictures above may illustrate how the design looks with or without the cutouts removed. Make sure to watch our install videos once you receive your new skin.)

Note: In the pictures above, we show you how the design appears already applied on the device.


    We ship to all countries around the world from England, UK. As we are a manufacturer and all skins are MADE-TO-ORDER only, we need a few days to prepare them (called processing time). Our processing time is 1-3 business days. Make sure to always add this to your calculations. 

    ✔️ ALWAYS TRACKED delivery (except Europe, where you can choose between tracked or more affordable untracked option)

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    Understand more how we ship our unique products to you:

    UK: 2-4 business days after processing with Royal Mail Tracked 48 service. You get a fast, reliable service with sms & email notifications on super affordable price;

    USA: 7-15 business days after processing with FedEx CrossBorder Hybrid Postal Solution - this is not a FedEx Express service, but it will be delivered with your local FedEx courier and you get a FedEx tracking number on the best possible price. Our customers prefer this service, because we are totally against paying premium prices only for a few days faster shipping.

    EUROPE: 5-15 business days after processing with Royal Mail - you can select between Tracked service, or Untracked service on a super affordable price. Both perform well and we almost never had any issues with them.

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    The Qskinz Story

         Qskinz began with one simple premise: attractive wraps that keep the original design and style of the device. The idea started as a family reaction against the bulky and unattractive cases on the market which hid the essence of the devices and rapidly grew to a successful family business shipping its products to 140 countries a month. With a professional background of more than 27 years in the design industry, Qskinz is now a leader in manufacturing the highest quality skins and meeting the needs of more than 300,000 customers all over the world.

    Qskinz - products 

        We are at the forefront of the UK and the USA custom, made-to-order skin manufacturing market and we produce the most advanced tailor-made skins for smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and game consoles. Our products blend high-quality protection from scratches, dents, dust, and wear-out and attractive tailor-made design without adding any bulk.

         At Qskinz we keep the original design of the device while we add individuality to it. With our wraps you will always stand out from the crowd with a new colour or a picture that resonates with your favourite outfit, styling, or car colour. With Qskinz it is almost impossible to see another person with the same wrap as yours. Our professional designers put their hearts into creating new forms, designs, and ways of application and this makes our skins exclusive for every model.


    "How did you get a blue iPhone X? There isn’t such a colour?”
    With Qskinz there is!


         Our mission is to make skins that fit your device flawlessly because we know there is no better feeling than having a protected phone while still enjoying its original design.


         Phones are an inseparable part of everyone’s life nowadays. This is why it is essential that your phone is dressed in quality clothes which will not discredit it anywhere.

    Life is too short for unattractive phone wraps. Order your unique skin now 


    Qskinz - the Company


         Ever since 2014 when we launched this company, we have adhered to one principle - quality. At Qskinz we take care of the whole production process - from tailoring the design of the skins, to manufacturing the products in our own factory in the United Kingdom, to packaging and delivering them to our clients in any part of the world. All our products are 100% manufactured in the UK - unlike our competitors we do not work with third parties or vendors and this guarantees our first-class production and delivery.

         What’s more, we utilise some of the most expensive and high-quality materials which contain specially developed, almost invisible, micro air channels that allow for the easy application on rounded or difficult to access parts of the device without leaving air bubbles.

         At Qskinz quality comes first. We do not try to be the first to release wraps for new models because we never compromise on quality. Instead, we work hard to make wraps that are impeccable to the smallest detail. And this is what differs us from the rest.


    Qskinz - it has never been so easy to have a skin which protects your phone while it keeps its original design.



    Your phone arrives. You open the box. The design is so stunning. You are breathless. Everything is perfect - you have waited way too long for this moment. Ah, you now realise - your phone should go into a bulky case, and your feeling of having a new phone will be forever gone. Not anymore. QSKINZ helps you protect your device and enjoy its beautiful shapes day and night.


    HUMAN + MACHINE Intelligence

    Our XactFIT™ technology helps us achieve the best in sector precision up to the smallest details. For example, we cut every speaker individually for a complete "second skin" effect. But that's not all. Humans in our warehouse are just as important. Our team of specialists handcrafts every skin to ensure 1st: that quality meets our targets and 2nd: is to do what machines can't, and 3rd: is to prepare your order personally, making sure that all aspects of it are beyond perfect.



    We use only custom-made 3M materials for ultimate results. For example, the repositioning feature of our skins (you can feel the difference if you use QSKINZ™ and another brand) - activate the adhesive only when the correct position is achieved. We also offer ultra-premium real 3D Textured skins - you will find those designs in our LUXURIA Collection. We can't stop here, though. EasySkinz™ is the world's first skin maker to implement the stunning custom 3M materials with our 3D texture-coated printed skins (the SIGNATURE Collection) for ultra-durable, out-of-this-world good final product.

    Increased trade-in value


    QSKINZ are 100% safe on any surface - glass, metal, plastic etc. No matter how long you plan to keep the skin on, you can permanently remove it without any sticky residue left behind. Our skins have the unique capability to keep any device free from even the most minor scratches, dust, dirt and wear & tear signs, which means more money for you when you decide to sell it. Even if you use a case on top, always start with one of our skins because cases can't prevent dirt and dust from entering, which is = a scratched surface.

    Embracing sustainability

    Our ecoROLE model

    We can't change the world, but we can certainly choose to be responsible. That's why we drive only electric cars, use 100% LED lighting, supply our premises with 100% renewable energy, improve our warehouse insolation and take care of 5 young trees in front of our factory. We also reduced the size of our packages, dropped the boxes and changed them for hard-backed envelopes instead. Since 2020 we no longer use paper to print your invoices but have switched to a 70% smaller thermal-printed alternative. Thanks to the world's most advanced machines, we reduced our waste by 50%. Every step in the right direction counts.

    think global

    We can ship to you!

    No matter where you are, we can deliver your order to you. We have served more than 1 million customers in 170 countries since 2014. And the best part is that if you spend more than £30 (GBP) on products, delivery will be COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE to any single country around the globe. We can't wait to welcome you.

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