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QSKINZ is proud to announce the expansion of its exclusive collection to include skins for the latest Apple sensations: iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Plus. These new additions complement our already extensive range of skins for iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14, and iPhone 14 Plus. Each skin in our collection is custom-made to ensure a perfect fit, catering to every individual style and preference.

As Apple enthusiasts who appreciate the seamless integration of Apple's Eco System, we understand the desire to colour-coordinate your accessories. That's why we offer skins not just for your iPhone but also for your MagSafe Charger and AirTags. Keep everything in sync and stylish!

Our premium iPhone skins are the perfect choice for those who own the iPhone 13 series, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 Mini. These skins are designed to transform your device into a chic accessory while providing protection from scratches and minor dents. We have also updated our designs for the iPhone 12 series - iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Mini - offering even more variety in colours and patterns.

For those who still cherish their older models, we haven't forgotten you. Our collection includes skins for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone X. No matter which model you own, you'll find the perfect skin to match your style at QSKINZ.

Quality is paramount at QSKINZ. Our skins are crafted from top-grade materials that ensure a smooth, premium feel and hassle-free application. They are designed for a bubble-free installation and can be removed without leaving any residue. This makes our skins the ideal accessory for every fashion-forward iPhone user looking to personalize their device.

Choose QSKINZ for an unparalleled selection of iPhone skins that combine style, protection, and quality. Explore our full range and find the perfect skin for your iPhone, whether it's the newest iPhone 15 series or a beloved older model.

/// Hint

If you can't find your current iPhone model, make sure to check the MENU section above. We show just the most popular collections here, but we offer skins for a wide range of devices.

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QSKINZ™ is the world's first skin & wrap maker to win the most prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise

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Excellent company! Don't go anywhere else for your skinz!!!! I have used this company over the years for all my skinz and they have been fantastic!




I ordered two Skinz for my iPhone 13 mini. They are perfect fit, easy to put on and my phone lookas great, like new. Thanks! I will order more soon. :)




Very cool skinz, nice to have a phone with out a bulky case. I have saved plenty of other designs as there are lots to select. Fast and easy service.


United Kingdom


Use used these skins on my iPhones and MacBooks for years now, never once had an issue. Customer service is on point, delivery quick and once you get the knack of it, they’re quick and actually a perfect fit. Look forward to the next bunch!


United Kingdom


I received my order earlier than expected and was very surprised how good the skin was. You receive a strong skin for your phone (or console) that provides good grip and it actually looked like your phone is from a limited edition :D



Making skins since 2014

Established in England, globally known

600,000+ followers

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I purchased my QSKINZ before even getting my new (back then) iPhone 12 Pro MAX. I got my phone, applied the skin immediately, and made sure to have skin on it all the time. In September, when I switched to 13 PM, I managed to sell my 12 PM for $950 (I paid $1099 + tax for it). Why? Because it was WITHOUT a single scratch! Thank you, QSKINZ!!!


New Jersey, USA

It's not just for iPhone

Discover our MacBook, iPad & Keyboard collections
iPad PRO 11" (2021) Space Grey MATT Metallic Skin iPad PRO 11" (2021) SIGNATURE Street Art Graffiti Skin iPad PRO 11" (2021) LUXURIA RIDERS Black LEATHER Textured Skin iPad PRO 11" (2021) LUXURIA Soft PINK Textured Skin iPad PRO 11" (2021) CHAMELEON TURQUOISE LAVENDER Matt Metallic Skin

/ For Older models - check the menu section above

iPad PRO (2022) Collection

Absolutely precision, stunning designs and individual cutouts for the speakers.

SHOP 11" SHOP 12.9"

New Era for your keyboard


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Your phone arrives. You open the box. The design is so stunning. You are breathless. Everything is perfect - you have waited way too long for this moment. Ah, you now realise - your phone should go into a bulky case, and your feeling of having a new phone will be forever gone. Not anymore. QSKINZ helps you protect your device and enjoy its beautiful shapes day and night.


HUMAN + MACHINE Intelligence

Our XactFIT™ technology helps us achieve the best in sector precision up to the smallest details. For example, we cut every speaker individually for a complete "second skin" effect. But that's not all. Humans in our warehouse are just as important. Our team of specialists handcrafts every skin to ensure 1st: that quality meets our targets and 2nd: is to do what machines can't, and 3rd: is to prepare your order personally, making sure that all aspects of it are beyond perfect.



We use only custom-made 3M materials for ultimate results. For example, the repositioning feature of our skins (you can feel the difference if you use QSKINZ™ and another brand) - activate the adhesive only when the correct position is achieved. We also offer ultra-premium real 3D Textured skins - you will find those designs in our LUXURIA Collection. We can't stop here, though. QSKINZ™ is the world's first skin maker to implement the stunning custom 3M materials with our 3D texture-coated printed skins (the SIGNATURE Collection) for ultra-durable, out-of-this-world good final product.

Increased trade-in value


QSKINZ are 100% safe on any surface - glass, metal, plastic etc. No matter how long you plan to keep the skin on, you can permanently remove it without any sticky residue left behind. Our skins have the unique capability to keep any device free from even the most minor scratches, dust, dirt and wear & tear signs, which means more money for you when you decide to sell it. Even if you use a case on top, always start with one of our skins because cases can't prevent dirt and dust from entering, which is = a scratched surface.

Embracing sustainability

Our ecoROLE model

We can't change the world, but we can certainly choose to be responsible. That's why we drive only electric cars, use 100% LED lighting, supply our premises with 100% renewable energy, improve our warehouse insolation and take care of 5 young trees in front of our factory. We also reduced the size of our packages, dropped the boxes and changed them for hard-backed envelopes instead. Since 2020 we no longer use paper to print your invoices but have switched to a 70% smaller thermal-printed alternative. Thanks to the world's most advanced machines, we reduced our waste by 50%. Every step in the right direction counts.


We can ship to you!

No matter where you are, we can deliver your order to you. We have served more than 1 million customers in 170 countries since 2014. And the best part is that if you spend more than £30 (GBP) on products, delivery will be COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE to any single country around the globe. We can't wait to welcome you.

The Specialist Opinion

We asked Tech enthusiasts to answer your most common questions

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/// Skin or Case?

We manufacture skins, not cases. Many people underestimate the importance of the skin, but in fact, it is the only product that will preserve your phone's look and keep it away from wear & tear signs that will lower its resell value in future. Cases are also fantastic and very good in protecting from drops, but they will scratch your phone because dust and dirt will be allowed. So always start with skin and then, if you want, put a case on top of it. It's like cosmetics - you begin with a serum and then finish moisturisers for the best results.

/// Maximize Your Used Phone's Value Before Selling

The price you are selling your phone for depends on its condition, and there are three types:

Mint (this should be your target): your phone is fully functional with no significant damage. Your phone does not have scratches on the housing or screen if you had EasySkin installed from day one until the day you decide to sell with/without a case. For Mint condition phones, you may only lose 20% or less for one year if you decide to sell. 

Good: your phone is fully functional with no significant damage. Your phone may have some light wear and tear. For example, when you used only a case without EasySkin under it. For Good condition phones, you may lose 40% for one year if you decide to sell. 

Poor: your phone is fully functional with no significant damage, but it may have major wear and tear such as scuffs, dents and deep scratches - you do not like either cases or skins. For Poor condition phones, you may lose more than 50% for one year if you decide to sell. 

/// Will the skin damage my phone?

If you buy cheap skins from untrusthorty sellers - yes, it might. But if you buy from a reputable brand then it will not just not leave any sticky residue, but it will literally preserve the condition of the phone as it wss on the moment of application. The materials matter, that's why QSKINZ uses only custom-made 3M materials, special repositioning adhesive techology that gurantees the skin will never leave residue even if left for years.