PlayStation Skinz

PlayStation is our favourite console, always challenging in terms of creating skins, yet satisfaction from the success at the end is uncomparable. Proudly, we are the only company that designed full-body (including sides) skins for the latest PS5 DIGITAL and PS5 DISC consoles. Or for sure - the only skin brand with the most coverage and unbeatable precision.

Most wrap companies will only offer you inner skin because it's the easiest thing to do. Not with QSKINZ - we love details and challenges, especially when the final result is stunning. And consoles are not the only PS product we like to wrap - don't forget to colour-match your entire fleet - PS5 DualSense Charging Station, PS5 Pulse Headset, PS5 HD Camera and of course the PS5 Media Remote

With all new collections, we still consider the PS4 PRO as absolute bestseller.

At QSKINZ you will find the widest collections of ultra-premium skins for the PlayStation family.